Crocheted Corset with Tulle Skirt


In the spirit of prom season, I created (improvised) a crocheted bodice with a sweetheart neckline to go with a tulle skirt. There are many crocheted pieces that can be made to wear in warmer weather, and pairing a crocheted item with other lighter pieces can create a unique and summery look.

To emphasize the waistline and to create the effect of a belt, I added a white ribbon and a bow, threading the ribbon through the chain spaces.


To close the crocheted bodice, I added button loops down the side and pearlescent, white buttons.


I created this look with a Knit Picks’ yarn called Wool of the Andes Superwash in a colour called Frozen. The yarn has a nice structure to it which works well for crocheted clothing and is fairly soft making it comfortable and wearable.


This improvised piece has sparked some future ideas for Hallowe’en costumes in bolder and brighter colours!