Floral Crown with Crocheted Flowers


With the warmer weather around the corner, I was inspired to work on a DIY project suitable for spring and summer. Perfect for backyard parties, music festivals and summer weddings, this floral crown is made up of different materials I found at Michael’s as well as crocheted flowers made with Knit Pick’s Capretta yarn.

It’s an easy project that can be easily adapted by mixing up the colours of the petals and the yarn for the crocheted flowers. I decided to go with a pastel palette, but bolder colours or softer beige tones and white would look great as well.

I’ve photographed the steps to make this project, and will walk you through them below.


  • A ball of yarn and a crochet hook (weight of the yarn and the size of the hook is up to you)
  • Bungee cord or some other sturdy rope/string (preferably with stretch) to act as the base for the crown
  • Artificial flowers with easily detachable petals (e.g., thin stems to cut through with scissors)
  • Other notions such as rose buds or a string of pearls
  • Scissors

Instructions (from left, clockwise):

Step 1:

Crochet approximately 10 flowers. You may choose to use more or less for your floral crown, depending on the look you are going for.

I used a fingering-weight yarn, but you may choose to use a heavier yarn for larger flowers. The pattern we used for the flowers is as follows:

  • Ch 6, slip-stitch in the stitch furthest from your hook, forming a circle.
  • 12 dc into the centre of the circle.
  • *ch 3. dc in the stitch to the left of the ch-3. dc into the same space again. ch 3. slip-stitch into the same space.
  • slip-stitch into the stitch to the left, finishing off the petal.
  • Repeat from * five more times to create a total of six petals. Tie off.
  • Set the flowers aside for the time being.

Step 2: 

Measure the Bungee cord/rope/string to determine the size of the crown. Make sure to leave a few centimetres for overlapping the ends to create and secure the loop. A stretchy material allows for some give if you are making the crown for someone else and you can’t measure it to their head size.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the ends of the cord together.

Step 3:

Cut off petals from the artificial flowers. I purchased these from Michael’s because they were on sale but many dollar stores sell similar ones. Many of the artificial flowers I’ve come across have a removable plastic bud which works well for this project – a flatter petal without any plastic is easier to glue to the cord. Remove all the plastic buds and begin gluing petals to the cord. You may choose to spread them out sparingly along the cord or glue them more densely to create a thicker, fuller crown.

Step 4:

Add your crocheted flowers using the hot glue gun. I used a string of fake pearls to add an accent to the centre of the crocheted flowers. I added a crocheted flower every couple of inches around the crown, flattening a space amongst the petals to allow the flower to be visible. I also added rose bud accents between the flowers. You may want to add more crocheted flowers in different colours or other notions.

Step 5:

Show it off! Enjoy 🙂