Pug Bowtie


A crocheted accessory for your canine (or feline!) companion that is easy to make and is customizable for your dog’s collar and slips on and off easily. I used worsted-weight yarn and a 4 mm crochet hook to get a tight stitch to make the bowtie sturdy. There are only three easy steps to make a bowtie for your pup: making the bow, the tie for around the middle, and then sewing the pieces together. I tested out this pattern in three sizes – x-small, small, medium, and large. The smaller sizes work best for positioning the bow at the back or side of the collar of a small dog and the larger bows look best positioned in front.


Step 1 – Construct the bow

  • For the x-small bowtie I started with a chain of 20. For the small bowtie, start with a chain of 30. For medium, chain 40. For large, chain 50. Then slip-stitch to the first stitch of the chain to form a loop.
  • Chain 2. Puff-stitch into the chain closest to your hook and in each stitch across. When you’ve made your way around the loop, slip-stitch into the chain from the row below, and then chain 2 and continue on with puff stitches until you’ve completed approximately 6-8 rows. Cinch the middle of the bow to see if it’s the desired size before you tie off.
  • PUFF STITCH = yarn over, insert into stitch and bring up loop, yarn over and pull through 2. Yarn over, insert hook into the same stitch and bring up a loop, yarn over again and pull through 2. Yarn over, insert hook into the same stitch and pull through 2, yarn over and pull through all four stitches on the hook.


Note: If you notice that there’s a twist in your starting loop when crocheting the puff stitches around, don’t worry about fixing it because the tie will be placed across the centre of the bow and cover up any imperfections.

Step 2 – Construct the tie

  • For all three sizes, I made the same sized tie. Chain 6, then dc in the second chain from your hook and across to the end. *Chain 2, dc in second chain from hook and across. Repeat from * for approximately 10 more rows. You can see if the length of the tie is appropriate to the size of the bow you created by seeing if there is enough length to complete Step 3 below before you tie off the yarn.


Step 3 – Put the pieces together

  • Place the tie evenly across the width of the bow, cinching it together underneath, forming the points of the bow. Using a yarn needle and the same yarn, sew the tie tightly underneath the bow, leaving part of the tie loose (enough to fit very snugly around the dog’s collar).
  • Next, sew the loose ends together, forming a hollow loop where the bowtie will slide onto the collar. Make sure that there isn’t a lot of space between the tie and collar, just enough for it to slide on and off, otherwise the bowtie will slip around.


If you don’t like the look of the puff stitch, try out a simple single or double crochet. Have fun testing out different colours and yarn to see what styles you come up with.

My lovely pug model wears these so well with her expressive face! I’d love to see the ones that you come up with. Tweet them to us at @GSDCcrochet.