Ghost Cone Scarf by Sue Perez

The Ghost Cone Scarf was featured on Interweave magazine’s winter edition from 2013. The name sounded intriguing and the cover image of the scarf is beautiful:


There are more photos of the scarf on the Ravelry page that I came across as well that show how unique and elegant the scarf is. The “cone” part of the scarf is quite intricate so as fairly beginner crocheter, I wasn’t convinced it would be a successful project, but in the end I’d say it was a mixed result. It’s definitely a more challenging project for a newbie, and my expectations for it to look like the glossy magazine photos were obviously not met, but I am happy with the way it turned out (pictured below).

One of the first things that I discovered is that this scarf is actually a cowl based on how the pattern is written despite the name of the pattern. I wanted something longer than a cowl so I made it into a scarf that wraps twice, but doing that made the buttons hang a bit awkwardly and so anytime I wear it I have to ensure that I twist it a certain way so the buttons lie flat in front. Adjusting it to be a longer scarf rather than a cowl also meant a lot of extra crocheting, and again, as a fairly new crocheter with a slightly more difficult pattern, it was a bit challenging.

The cowl is crocheted in rows that are then attached to the adjacent row as the pattern progresses. Stitching the chains that make up each cone is quite simple, but connecting them to create the almost shell-like look was challenging. I found that each one I did looked more like a puff of stitches that was messier than what was pictured, and no matter how many times I tried I couldn’t quite get it to look like the one in the magazine. I carried on with them this way figuring that as long as each one looked similar, that it wouldn’t matter too much! I would like to attempt this pattern again and try to get the more structured look of the cones that is show in the magazine because it’s those details that I think make the piece worth making and what make it unique.

For my version, I used a Vanna’s Choice worsted weight yarn in a taupe colour. It’s an acrylic and rayon blend. For the next time around I’d go with something that is lighter in colour and a different blend to give it some more quality. I’d recommend for the first go at this (or any pattern featured in a magazine for that matter) to try to match what is shown and to not get too creative with yarn and colour choices because I found it difficult to determine whether I loved the pattern or not because mine looked so different from what was shown in the magazine.

Vannas Choice_Gray

Altogether, I would recommend trying this out. It would make for a great gift and the cowl version is definitely more suitable for the way the buttons are intended to look and for familiarizing yourself with a new pattern.