Chroma Yarn

KP_OrchardKP_Soft Rock Anytime I’m on the Knit Picks’ website I find myself adding a Chroma yarn to my cart – the cotton candy-like colours are too pretty to pass up. The colour combinations are beautiful and each are very different. Part of the fun of crocheting with a Chroma yarn is that each project could turn out differently depending on what part of the ball of yarn you are using to create it and your gauge. I’d recommend trying out a project with a Chroma worsted weight yarn (instead of the fingering weight) as the thicker yarn is easier to work with.
KP_MidwinterKP_ButtermintThe colour gradients can be great for a project with stripes. I created the sweater below using two types of Knit Pick’s yarn, a worsted weight yarn in taupe and the Chroma Worsted yarn in Buttermint. The Chroma yarn gives the effect of multiple colour changes with fewer yarns and less hassle.


This yarn definitely isn’t for projects where you are trying to achieve a balanced look. The mittens below were made with a worsted-weight Chroma yarn and as you can see, each mitten turns out slightly different. The colour gradient is quite forgiving which is great for beginner crocheters.


One downside of Chroma is that it tears easily, especially if you are frogging a project. Quite often I’ve had the strand break so it’s necessary to handle the yarn more delicately than others. If this happens you can knot the yarn together and continue or start fresh.