StitchionaryNew Stitch a Day’s Stitchionary feature is my new favourite resource for crocheting. It is a dictionary of more than 200 different stitches with how-to written instructions and many include video tutorials. Each entry in the Stitchionary shows a suggested yarn to use for a particular stitch as well as the length required for the starting chain.

It’s a great resource to use if you’re bored of repeating the same stitches you always use and want to try something new. There is a skill level associated with each stitch so if you are beginner crocheter and want to learn some new techniques, there are many that are rated “easy” for you to try.

Even though this website doesn’t offer patterns in the Stitchionary, a great way to make use of the Stitchionary is to crochet the featured stitch in rows to create a scarf. Pick a stitch, make sure to use the appropriate starting chain as indicated, and begin crocheting, determining the length or width as you go. Before you know it, you’ve learned a new stitch and you’ve completed a project with a new look.

Using the puff stitch from the crochet Stitchionary, I continued in rows to create this forest-green scarf using a Knit Picks yarn (see Our New Favourite Yarn entry for more info):



The website encourages visitors to use the stitches in their own patterns, share the stitch techniques, and even to feature the content on their own sites. And perhaps the best part, is that the Stitchionary is FREE! There’s also an equivalent one for knitters!

Check it out! Here is what an entry looks like: