Slip-Stitch Headband


It doesn’t get much simpler than the Slip-Stitch Headband. This project, as the name suggests, uses only slip-stitches and can be completed in a couple of hours. It has a knitted look and requires only basic construction. The oval shape that the headband crochets up into simply needs to be sewn together with a yarn needle for a cinched effect.



I love this project because it is not only simple, but it is warm, doesn’t look like a typical crocheted project, and there are many options to style it. Adding a brooch or a pendant to the headband where the ends are sewn together adds a nice touch and gives it a unique look. I affixed the pendant pictured using a sewing needle and thread.


The headbands pictured are made using Knit Picks’ Biggo Yarn in Dove Heather (grey) and Carnelian Heather (red) using a 10 mm crochet hook. You can make at least two headbands using one skein of the suggested yarn. It is easy to adjust the starting chain depending on the size of the headband desired and you can determine the thickness of the band as well.


You can wear the headband with the brooch to the front of your head, off to the side, or at the back. The pendants used in the headbands pictured are from Michael’s jewelry section and are called Bead Landing Found Objects. For one of each of the pendants pictured, an oval and a leaf, I paid approximately $5.99 CAD. They are somewhat malleable so I was able to form the pendant gently around the headband to give a cuffed look, making it appear more like a natural piece of the accessory rather than an afterthought. Another option would be to crochet a bow or a flower.



From the way the headband is crocheted, there is an indentation that runs down the centre of it (the starting chain) as the headband is crocheted in continuous loops, which gives it a nice ridged effect. If you know how to crochet a starting chain, you can make this Slip-Stitch Headband. The free pattern is below.



  • 1 skein of bulky yarn
  • 11 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Pendant or brooch
  • Thread matching the colour of the yarn
  • Sewing needle


Gauge: Keep your gauge loose. 9 stitches = 4 inches

Step 1: Create a starting chain. For a small headband, start with a chain of 52. For a medium headband start with a chain of 55 and for a larger headband, start with a chain of 60.

Step 2: Upon making your chain, slip-stitch into the top of each chain across to the end of the row. Ch 1. Continue slip-stitching around in each chain, now working down the other side of the starting chain. When you reach the end, Ch 1.

Step 3: Continue slip-stitching in the top of each stitch from the row below, adding one chain at the end of each row before going down the other side, crocheting in a continuous loop, forming an oval. The extra chain at the end of each side will provide some give, preventing the oval from bunching up. If you don’t leave an extra chain you will start to notice the oval buckling towards the ends which will mean the headband won’t lie flat on your head.

Continue Step 3, going around in a loop approximately 7 times (or until you reach a desired width for your headband). When tying off, leave a tail approximately 20 inches long which will be used to sew the ends closed.

Step 4: Using a yarn needle and the tail left on, sew together the ends using a basic hemming stitch. Keep this as neat as possible as you may not want to cover this closure with a brooch. Also it’s important to sew only the tops of the oval’s edges together so that you don’t square off the headband and maintain the cinched look. I prefer to have the “back” side of the headband showing as this side has the knit look to it. You can decide which side you prefer before you sew the ends together.

Step 5 (optional): Using a sewing needle and thread, add a pendant or brooch to the area you just sewed closed. Try to choose a piece that will form to the headband and that doesn’t stick out too much or just lie flat on top as it won’t look like a cohesive part of the accessory.