Triangle Cowl By Eleven Handmade

The Triangle Cowl is the perfect crocheted accessory for transitioning into or out of cold winter months. It has a slightly Western feel to it with its hanging threads and bandana-esque shape and it is light and casual which makes it perfect to wear with a spring or fall jacket.

The cowl is designed by Eleven Handmade and the pattern is available for purchase on her Etsy Shop. It is $5.58 which is slightly more expensive than what I would normally pay for a crocheted scarf pattern but it’s a beautiful piece and is quite intricate in design. It comes as a PDF download with written instructions and a couple of hand-drawn diagrams.


This pattern is somewhat difficult to follow and requires a lot of concentration; not one I’d recommend to do when distracted in front of the TV. The triangular section of the scarf is made of crocheted pineapple motifs. Since I hadn’t previously worked with this motif it took me quite a few rows before I got a sense of the pattern. It’s definitely more interesting and challenging than scarves with the same stitch back and forth.


While I didn’t have any significant problems with the triangular portion of the cowl, I found the instructions more complicated when it came to stitching the longer chain that forms the cowl. I think I may have mistakenly twisted the chain and so when I started to complete that section things weren’t as they should be. I’d suggest reading through the instructions carefully after you complete the triangle before proceeding as it’s tricky. I could have benefited from some additional instructions or diagrams. Upon completion, the cowl was really long and the scarf hung very low around my neck so I ended up wrapping it twice as I wanted the triangle to hang closer to my neck. Wrapping the cowl portion twice also added some bulk to the scarf and filled it out nicely, keeping my neck warm.

I also added fewer threads than what was shown in Eleven Handmade’s photos of the cowl. I felt that the cowl was already quite dramatic in size that I didn’t want to add too much additional length to it. Since I ended up wrapping the cowl twice, it was important to attach the threads on the scarf when I was wearing it, otherwise they might end up sticking out in the wrong place or hanging at the back. I’d recommend ironing the hanging threads after adding them so that they are uniform. I find that the hanging threads also make the scarf seem more appropriate for spring so if you’re looking for something for fall/winter, perhaps choose a darker coloured yarn and don’t add any threads to it. I used a Knit Picks’ yarn called Capra DK in Platinum.

In the end I managed to get it looking fairly close to the photos that Eleven Handmade posted. I’m happy with how it turned out and  I think that I will get some good use out of it this fall.

One definitely worth trying!