The GSDC Etsy store is open!


I’m very happy to announce the launch of the grannysquaredontcare Etsy store! I’ve spent the warmer months designing and crocheting accessories and I’m happy that I have some inventory ready to share.

The items I’ve focused on for the store include scarves, cowls and headbands. There is also one pattern up there for a shell-stitch clutch (I like to keep most of my patterns free on this blog).

Although it’s still technically summer here in Toronto, I know that parts of Alberta were experiencing freezing temperatures and heavy snow this past week. I figured there’s no time like the present to launch the store and to start thinking about cold-weather accessories.

The items featured in the shop are a mix of carefully handmade accessories made with high-quality yarns using a colour palette and stitches that are chic and that compliment a range of garments. I love adding subtle details to each piece like buttons or a pendant that aren’t overstated and that look purposeful. I tend to use bulky yarns for accessories so that each has a nice structure while maintaining a level of softness, comfort, wearability and warmth.

A unique feature on each of the scarves is the buttons. While many crocheted items that incorporate buttons simply stitch them on as an afterthought, the loops that securely wrap around each button in my designs look seamless and built into the design. The buttons are all functional, which gives you the option of wearing the pieces as an infinity scarf or open scarf. Focusing on function and fashion is important over the long winter months!


I realize there are thousands of crocheted items on Etsy which is great for buyers as there is a lot of variety. I’ve tried to create a line of accessories with a particularly young and fresh aesthetic that are reasonably priced.

Thanks for visiting the store!

Here’s a preview of some of the items in the shop:


Cozy Cowl with Buttons in Grey


Oatmeal Tweed Infinity Scarf with Buttons

Frosty Cowl with Buttons


Tri-Coloured Infinity Scarf with Buttons


Varsity Infinity Scarf with Buttons


Maple Infinity Scarf with Buttons


Silver Scarf with Buttons


Cozy Cowl with Buttons in Brown

Here are a few variations of the Pendant Headbands available for $18: