Bow hair clip


A super easy-to-make hair accessory that works up quickly and is great for beginner crocheters. It looks great on top of a ponytail, at the side of a bun, holding back your bangs or with your hair half up at the back. I’ve also pinned a couple of these to my Christmas tree as decorations or you can pin it to a purse or bag as you would a button.

You only need a few yards of yarn to make a small bow so it’s great for using up the bits you have lying around your house from other patterns.

grey bow

The best type of clip for this project is a 62mm long alligator clip. I purchased some on Etsy through Forever Rose Designs because they are more local for me and I found that many online options come from China and take a long time to ship (although they are inexpensive). Although I’ve noticed that they are easier to find online, the 40mm are too small for this project.

alligator clip


  • 62mm alligator clip
  • 5 yards of extra bulky or extra bulky yarn
  • 11mm crochet hook
  • glue gun

Gauge: Keep loose


1. Chain 18

2. Slip-stitch in each chain until end. Chain 1 before slip stitching in each chain back along the other side of the starting chain, creating a long oval shape.

3. Continue slip-stitches around the oval on both sides until you have four rows of slip-stitches on one side and you’ve started the fourth row on the other side, but end halfway around (see picture below).


4. Tie off, leaving a long tail to use to cinch the middle of the bow. Wrap the tail around the middle of the bow four or five times, ending at the back of the bow (pictured below).

wrapping bow

5. Put the sewing needle on the tail and secure the middle wrap at the back of the bow by threading underneath the wrap a couple of times. Tie off.

threading bow

6. Place the alligator clip around the middle wrap with the flat side against the underside of the bow. Using the hot glue gun, add a thin line of glue to the flat part to secure it in place. Let the glue dry for a minute or two before using.


Wear and enjoy!

red hair bow

Coming soon: Add the Bow Hair Clip to a clasp headband to change up the look. Stay tuned for the free pattern!