Headband with removable hair clip

This headband combines the Slip-Stitch Headband with the Bow Hair Clip to create a versatile accessory. Wear it as a headband with a simple clasp, a headband with a bow or a bow hair clip on its own. The bow hair clip clasps onto the headband easily and all pieces are simple to make and work up quickly. The bow is a bit of a younger look for some, so having the ability to remove it but still have it to wear as a hair clip or to add back on when you please is a nice option. The instructions for the headband are outlined below (they differ very slightly from the Slip-Stitch pattern as there isn’t a brooch), and the link to the Bow Hair Clip is at the bottom of this page.


bow and heabdnad

Part 1: Make the headband


  • 1 skein of bulky yarn
  • 11 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle


Gauge: Keep your gauge loose. 9 stitches = 4 inches

Step 1: Create a starting chain. For a small headband, start with a chain of 52. For a medium headband start with a chain of 55 and for a larger headband, start with a chain of 60.

Step 2: Upon making your chain, slip-stitch into the top of each chain across to the end of the row. Ch 1. Continue slip-stitching around in each chain, now working down the other side of the starting chain. When you reach the end, Ch 1.

Step 3: Continue slip-stitching in the top of each stitch from the row below, adding one chain at the end of each row before going down the other side, crocheting in a continuous loop, forming an oval. The extra chain at the end of each side will provide some give, preventing the oval from bunching up. If you don’t leave an extra chain you will start to notice the oval buckling towards the ends which will mean the headband won’t lie flat on your head.

Continue Step 3, going around in a loop approximately 7 times (or until you reach a desired width for your headband). When tying off, leave a long tail of approximately 30 inches.

Step 4: Using a yarn needle, sew together the ends using a basic hemming stitch. Once the ends are attached securely, start wrapping the remainder of the yarn around the enclosure four or five times to create the clasp/tie, ending with the yarn on the back side of the headband. Use the yarn needle to knot the tie securely.

Part 2: Make the bow clip – follow the instructions in the Bow Hair Clip blog post